The Quantum Blockchain

The USX Quantum mission is to unite the cryptocurrency community through education and collaboration to secure and develop a layer 1 blockchain to run on quantum computers

Quantum Upgrades

Quantum-Based Encryption

Send, receive, and transact on the most secure and advanced blockchain network.

Quantum secured NFT'S

USX Quantum will use non-fungible tokens to secure developers' software; NFT's will be used to sell code snippets and software.

Lattice-based cryptography

USX will use the latest in encryption technology Lattice-based cryptography

Quantum platform

Quantum's platform will include a new nft marketplace, quantum physics-based education, and a social component.



Break down of coin distribution.

Token Symbol


Total Supply

2.6B USX

Private Sale

250 BNB

PreSale Tokens Offered


PreSale Hard Cap


PreSale Soft Cap

600 BNB



Download the whitepaper and learn what usx quantum is all about

White Paper (2022) V5


Common questions and answers.

What is USX Quantum?

In 2021, USX Quantum was formed to breach the divide between current blockchain technologies and Quantum computing. USX Quantum is designed to be the start and pave the way for blockchain to integrate into the Quantum world.

USX Quantum is unique in its own right, with a core team that has been involved with the project for five years. USX Quantum is also the first of its kind. While many projects seek to make existing blockchains Quantum-proof, they overlook the underlying objective of converting modern blockchains to Quantum computers.

Usx Quantum LLC is a Texas Domestic Limited-Liability Company (LLC) filed On December 1, 2021. USX Is a legal entity with pending trademarks

Our project is dedicated to the creation of a quantum block chain through the application of quantum computers. This will benefit all cryptocurrency projects. We are devoted to protecting the community from the potential threat that quantum computing poses to cryptocurrencies.

Quantum blockchains New quantum-based encryption and algorithms. A large community driven project in which everyone will be able to contribute towards the same goals. We aim to create partnerships with: researchers, developers, investors, cryptocurrencies projects, and just about anyone who has an interest in the project.

The USX Quantum team has 5 years under their belt, USX Quantum be known as a software devlopment company. The team will lead the project to creating this blockchain.

The USX Quantum team is targeting 2 years for the devlopment of this blockchain, In the mean time we will create a defi platform.

In 2013 there was a project called USDe (Unitary Status E-Dollar). This was a script coin, similar toLiteCoin and looked to leverage the new idea of the digital asset. The developer at the time looked to bring the crypto community together at a time when multiple projects were popping up daily. A few of our team members were new to this space and were looking for promising projects to invest into and to mine coins. USDe gained popularity and achieved status on some of the first larger crypto exchanges. Having bought into and even mined USDe, we had seen the value of a unified community brought together in the crypto space. The decline of active development resulted in the fading of USDe. . There was a rumor that the original developer had suffered an accident and could not continue the project. At the same time, once popular exchanges were being outgrown by new platforms and also suffering from the greed of their owners. One of the main exchanges that went bankrupt were forced to sell their remaining wallets in 2017. One of these was the USDe wallet. A current team member acquired this wallet and attempted to form a team to continue development of USDe. However, the USDe chain was already outdated and obsolete compared to newer projects. Once it was determined that the USDe chain could not be transformed to match newer tech, the decision was made to create a new chain. This was USDEx. USDEx was an evolution of the previous chain. . USDEx was an early version and attempt at a wrapped token. Having contacted previous USDe miners and investors, the USDEx team attempted to reform the community and advance the idea of a token based around unifying the crypto space. A new chain was created, mining pools were created and the new USDEx was set to run in 2018. Unfortunately, the 2018 Bitcoin bear market set in and the sentiment toward crypto suffered. USDEx could not survive as another fork of the same ideas that were already in the space. This is where USX Quantum enters.

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We are always open and welcome to questions you have for our team. If you wish to get in touch, please contact us at [email protected]